One classmate traveled 2,300 miles just for our reunion!...
are we guessing who? Why... it was Robin Runck!
see this map showing how far others had traveled.
Our 40th REUNION
On October 21, 2011 we celebrated our 40th Class Reunion...
Each classmate, who paid the cover charge, received an info booklet & some odds & ends.
Thanks to Marvin Corns - each of us were given a souvenir flashlight.
Door Prizes were given out by the drawing of numbers to match the number on the back of each classmate's name badge.

Name badges were very nice magnetic ones donated by Rob Fish, Customized Creations.  Rob's company donated a magnetic refrigerator calendar also for a door prize.

Joyce Nichols Harkless, Joyce's Choices, donated 
two sets of photo note card sets. 

Marvin Corns, Dorcy International, (VP Operations), donated several Dorcy products. There were 4 gift certificates to restaurants for door prizes.

Thanks to Pam Wright Fulton for printing all the booklets
 (Pam & Patti Sickmeier Martin worked hard at binding them). When we worked together on this, Pam was able to click on each of the links below to print. These are being kept up on this website for others to see or print for themselves.

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The following pages were also included in our booklet
No group picture was taken at our 40th Reunion. In fact...it was crowded with standing room only at times. With the darkness & little room - it was hard to take pictures. Any uploaded pictures that were uploaded on Facebook will appear here...
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